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History & Corporate Vision

The MADEIRIT500 film faced plywood was conceived to stand for extraordinary performance and great durability. After all, Madeirit has been researching and updating its technology for more than 50years, offering the market better products, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of re-uses and final costs.
The MADEIRIT500 panels are coated with phenolic film overlay of 220 grams per square meter, extremely resistant to abrasion and firmly anchored onto its faces. The grants the product an excellent degree of impermeability.
The MADEIRIT500 panels are produced with rigorously selected veneers of 1.5mm thickness, bonded with a fully exterior phenolic resin adhesive (WBP type) that is highly resistance to weather, micro-organisms, cold and boiling water, steam, dry heat and even termites.
These factors result in a very good concrete finishing at a low cost per square meter. Thanks to the thick phenolic film overlay and to the unique properties of the WBP bonding, the MADEIRIT500 panels can be re-used several times. Our customers obtain a smooth concrete surface that hardly needs finishing.
Under special conditions, the MADEIRIT500 panels can be used more than 50 times.
The MADEIRIT500 panels rank amongst the film faced plywood produced worldwide. It is the only one made 100% from planted forests thanks to technology developed by the company.
The MADEIRIT500 is the leader product in the Brazilian market which absorbs half of the production of GVA. The other 50% off the production is exported mainly to Mercosur, Middle East and Europe.

Madeirit Brazilian Film Faced Plywood

Madeirit Brazilian Film faced plywood with a 220 gm Phenolic film and 100% waterproof W.B.P Phenolic glue. Edges are waterproofed with Dark blue color sealer. Sheets Can be reused for up to 15 times on each face: 18mm(13 ply+ 2 Film) (2.44mx1.22m)(Density is 620 kg p/m3)