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History & Corporate Vision

Madeireira Rio Claro was founded in 1969 by Mr. Julio Wronski Sobrinho in Rio Claro do Sul, a district belonging to the city of Mallet, in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Initially settled as a small sawmill powered by steam traction engines, In 1978 it also started producing native wood veneers. The production of plywood was established in 1985 when the company set up a new plant, holding its operations In Rio Azul, a city located in the south of Paraná state. At that time the company operated with 41 employees in its staff. Since its foundation up to 1998, the production aimed only the domestic market.
In Search of new horizons, The Rio Claro Company renewed its strategies to join the exportation market, firstly supplying the products to England. The development and increase in the production processes led the company to, currently, export over 90% of all production to countries in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Central America and Mercosur. We also supply the domestic market with products designed to areas like Construction, Furniture Industry, Naval Industry, Road Equipment and Stages for Events.

Production Process

The pine tree logs use our plywood production come from pine trees farms planted in areas that allow us to comply with the current environmental legislation. Part our production has been under FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification in the Chain of Custody form. This seal attest that the raw materials used by the company have been supplied by legally sustainable sources.
Madeireira Rio Claro manufactures its products in accordance to national and international quality standards, accredited by European and American Certifications. The focus of the company relies on continuous investment in machinery and equipment, improvement of its products and processes, as well as the development of its personnel in order to optimize its production capacity, seeking excellence in quality, through self sustainable growth of their direct and indirect employees and the society.


The FILM FACED PLYWOOD RIOPLY is assembled with selected veneers following a strict quality control that results in a high quality product based on international standards. It is coated with imported Tego Film 180-gr./m2. This product is submitted to a rigorous calibration process, which grants it uniform thickness all throughout the panel. A rubberized paint is applied on the edges conferring them a highly sealing resistance. It makes RIOPLY Panels totally waterproof.
Application: The FILM FACED RIOPLY is indicated to use as concrete shuttering in buildings such as concrete slabs, beams, pillars/columns and foundations.
Number of Uses: FILM FACED RIOPLY holds out at least 25 continuous uses, once applied according to the recommended applications.
Specification :
Phenolic Bonding – WBP with low formaldehyde emission and 100% waterproof in accordance to EN 314 Bonding Class 3 standards (European) and PS 1-09 (American).
2440x1220mm X 18mm X 13 Plies : species Pinus Elliottii/Taeda Denisty : 590 kg/m3
Rio Ply Brazilian Film faced plywood with a 180 gm Phenolic film and 100% waterproof W.B.P Phenolic glue. Edges are waterproofed with Dark blue color sealer. Sheets Can be reused for up to 10 times on each face: 18mm(13 ply+ 2 Film) (2.44mx1.22m)(Density is 600 kg p/m3)