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Sawn Timber & H20 Formwork Beams

Sawn Timber

Construction Dimension timber

We carry Finnish , Russian , Swedish , and Ukrainian Pine (Redwood) and Spruce (Whitewood) in all available sizes used in Construction sites (25 x 100,125,150 -50x100,125,150,200,225,250) We carry Different Grades (Sixth Fifths and Saw Falling grade)

Formwork Beams

  • Dimensionally stable formwork beam with high load capacity!
  • Exclusively available from specialised traders.
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N
  • Wooden formwork beam N with 3-ply web material. Reliable high load capacity and high dimensional stability.
  • Form-on smartBEAM P
  • Wooden formwork beam P with uniform wood-composite panel for reliable high load capacity and low weight
  • Compliant with EN 13377 P20M.

The beam with reliably load capacity for safety forming on your construction site

High dimensional stability formwork for your construction site

Reliable load capacity

The formwork beam provides reliable, high load capacity across the entire beam length thanks to homogeneous web material. This improved load capacity combined with low weight enables multiple savings compared to squared timber.

Greater dimensional stability and quality

The smartBEAM 20 guarantees consistent product characteristics owing to greater dimensional stability. A secured component load capacity of the beam is guaranteed, as all of the flanges are machine stress-graded and load-tested.

Available Lenghts

  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 180
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 245
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 265
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 290
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 330
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 360
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 390
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 450
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 490
  • Form-on smartBEAM 20 N 590